Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Lite Brite

Remember playing with Lite Brites? As I kid, I got my cousin's hand-me-down version and remember playing with it for many hours, holed up in a dark room to get the full effect of my designs. I've noticed that they seem to be coming back in vogue this year, with lots of new products out there in time for Christmas.

I've been considering getting one for the boys. I'm a huge fan of toys that let the kids use their imagination to create (we've got millions of Lego Bricks, and it's still on the top of the wish list, five years in a row). Of course, the video below is swaying me to hurry up and get one... look at the creativity involved!

Nathan is saving up for a Flip Camera for his birthday (Gasp! In 18 days we'll be entering double digits! Help!) so he can make videos. I can see him making something similar to this (although on a much smaller scale of course!). Enjoy!

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