Saturday, November 13, 2010

Debt Free Christmas Shopping!

I had to share this very old (but more relevant than ever) Saturday Night Live clip.

We're still working our way out of debt around here in the Chase household, and we're happy to report that in the last two years, we haven't bought a single thing we haven't saved up for first! And if you are keeping track, as of last month we've paid off 45% of our substantial debt since February of last year. We've had lots of setbacks recently... expensive car repairs, a move, a new computer to replace one that went belly up, a few weeks of unemployment between gigs... but thanks to putting a chunk of income into savings, these things were just potholes in the road rather than brick wall events we couldn't recover from. We weren't even tempted to start using the credit cards again. Of course, that meant that the rate we were going to get out of debt slowed dramatically, but at least we didn't put ourselves further in debt. I'd call that success! We'll see how we weather Christmas. I'm seeing lots of handmade gifts in the immediate forecast...


  1. I just happened by your blog and this great post...We too are digging out of some awful burdensome debt. I can't wait to be halfway there. Good luck to you.

  2. Hi Lisa, congrats on making the decision to work your way out of debt! It's daunting but doable! Best of luck to you. I wish I could say it gets easier... at least the pain we're going through right now should help us to never get in this mess again!

  3. I too fell upon your blog by accident and just had to say keep at it . You can do it. Oh ,and Merry Christmas!! Our family has celebrated this holiday for 15 years without getting caught up in the commercial aspect of it. First year was sooooooo uncomfortable but, now it's so normal. Yes we exchange prezzies.


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