Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Blank Slate

When we moved, we sold our black leather IKEA couch which had been with us for 10 years. We really want to get new living room furniture. While we save up for what we want, we've been making do with our cloth KLIPPAN sofa, which (as you can guess with a name like that) is also from IKEA.

Besides the price, the best thing about the sofa would be the dozens of different available covers you can switch out whenever you get bored. Or when you have two messy boys and have sold your boy-dirt repelling leather couch. The bad part is that each cover costs $50. When we got the sofa about five years ago, we bought a bright red cover. Since then, I always check the AS-IS bins to see if there's a cover. I've scored twice, finding covers marked down to the bargain price of $1.99. Yes please! One of the spares is black, and the other is a fluffy cream color, made of fabric you would normally make a teddy bear out of, or use for the trim on Santa's suit. It was so ridiculous that I just had to buy it. Seriously... a couch you can snuggle with! Who wouldn't like that? At least temporarily while you're washing the more respectable covers? I've had it for about three years, but in all that time I've never once used it.

Today it is pouring rain. It's dark and dreary, and when I stepped into the garage to fetch umbrellas for the kids, I saw the bag marked "Cream Couch Cover." It just seemed like the perfect day to try it out. I brought it in and stripped off the black cover, quickly replacing it with the fuzzy cream one. The kids came downstairs ready to go to school, saw the fuzziness, and climbed onto the couch. They rubbed their faces into it and proclaimed their affection for it.

Nathan: Our couch is white!
Ben: And fuzzy!
Nathan: I love it! Let's keep it!
Ben: I want to just lay here forever!
Nathan: Mom, will this couch stay white now?
Me: Well, not with you two messy boys around. I predict parts of it will change color about the time you get home from school and put your feet on it.

I'll enjoy the fuzzy, creamy, snugly feeling while I can. At least until the black cover gets laundered!

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