Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Annual Return

And they're off! A new school  for a brand new school year! I've been a bundle of nerves, worrying about how they'll adjust to this school and all new friends. What I forget is that thanks to my Mom's job, almost every September up until high school I went to a different school. All new friends, all new classrooms, all new teachers. And it taught me to make friends easily and be confident, resilient, and comfortable walking into just about any situation. Why wouldn't I want the same for my kids? Maybe because I just want them to gain wisdom and experience without having to go through any of the pain that normally comes with it! This year the boys are responsible for making their own school lunches. I have to say, that was a wise decision on my part, as making lunch for them has always been the most painful part of my mornings!

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