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Go ahead, break into song!

While I'm not a huge Michael BublĂ© fan, I love watching this video. It reminds me of this one time in middle school when we went to the grocery market on a Sunday afternoon, all dressed up after church. Mom had her list in hand, fiercely marching down the aisles to get what we needed, and Dad and I were goofing off, singing a little tune and doing a crazy skip-walk with our arms hooked together. I know most 7th graders wouldn't want to be caught dead skipping and singing through the market with their parents, but I guess I wasn't like most 7th graders. It was all fine and fun (and very annoying to my Mom and little brother) until one of us tripped and we both fell hard, flat on our faces, right in front of the meat counter. We collapsed into a fit of giggles laying on the floor. My Mom whirled around to look at us, raised her eyebrows, and walked away quickly. Of course, we only laughed harder, especially when none of the other people in the market would make eye contact w…