Tuesday, December 1, 2009

One Week Old!

I've received a deluge of email regarding my tiny baby cousin Brooke so I thought I would give you an update! First of all, Mama Vanessa stabilized enough to go meet her baby when she was a few days old. Just being able to hold her daughter helped bring her blood pressure down. A few days later they finally gave Vanessa the all clear to go home. Of course, the sad part is that Baby Brooke will remain in the NICU until possibly January 30th, her original due date.

But considering this little Miss is completely off all supplemental oxygen, has already gained back the 8 ounces she lost after birth, and is growing stronger every day, no one will be surprised if she gets to come home just a tiny bit before that.

You never want to mess with any of the Rose women. They are all pretty tough chicks! Even the tiniest one!

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