Friday, November 13, 2009


Lately I've been getting a lot of calls where the caller says, "May I speak to the parent of Nathan Chase?" Every time I get a call like that, my heart stops and my stomach drops. I guess I'm just expecting the worst. Sometimes it's just the doctor's office calling with a reminder of an appointment. But lately we've been getting a lot of calls from the school. This week I got a call from the school nurse saying Nathan had slammed into pole and hit his forehead. he was doing fine and they were icing it, but they are obligated to call a parent if there is any type of injury. I was pretty shocked at the size of the goose egg he had on his forehead! Thanks to lots of icing, there was little to no bruising. I asked him what happened, and he said he was being chased by girls and "running for his life." Poor boy. One day he'll be so grateful to have girls chasing him!

Day 12 NaNoWriMo Stats:

20,204 words down
29,796 words to go
18 days remaining

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