Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Wisdom from the funny pages...
Moms never get sick days, do they? And the worst thing is that Moms don't get sick until everyone else in the house is completely healthy and full of the energy that didn't get burned off while they were laid up in bed. My Mom was not the type who babied us while we were sick. She was more practical and efficient. I remember she was always there to hold my hair back if I was throwing up, and she had this total 1970's flowery blue washcloth that she would wet and place on our foreheads when we had fevers. I took the washcloth home with me after a visit years ago, and I use the same one on my boys when they are burning up. She never babied us, but she was a huge advocate for us when we weren't feeling well.

This week we celebrate my oldest son's ninth birthday. He was a week overdue and the doctor decided to induce. After forty hours of labor, we were not much closer to having a baby than when we started. I was throwing up with every contraction and when they finally said to push, I had no strength to do so. Nathan's heart rate started plummeting so they did a quick emergency c-section. The recovery was brutal! I ended up with a raging fever in the hospital and spent seven nights total in the hospital. When I finally got out, I quickly ran out of my prescription pain meds. And the pain was excruciating (living in a two story house did not help, surgery is not a fan of stairs).

My Mom was there with me as Michael had to fly off to Japan for his job. She came upstairs to check on me and found I was crying because the over-the-counter pain meds were not touching the pain. So my Mom got on the phone with the doctor's office to get a refill. She then went down to the pharmacy to pick up the refill. Of course there was some sort of mix up and the pharmacy kept her waiting in a game of prescription, prescription, who's got the prescription. They suggested she come back later or the next day. Mom let them have it in the way only a Mama Bear can when her cub is ailing, and said she wasn't going to budge until she left with the meds for her daughter who was at home crying in pain. She then pulled out a book and leaned against the counter and read. It wasn't too long before she was on her way home with my medicine and I finally had relief. I still to this day want my Mom when I'm not feeling well - I don't think I'll ever out grow that. When I sprained my wrist earlier this year and couldn't sleep because it hurt so bad, I made Mike call her up so I could cry, I wish you were here, into the phone.
Benjamin is home sick (again! Arrggh!) today. I (so far) have stayed quite healthy and I have the raw, chapped, frequently washed hands to prove that I'm doing my part to stay that way. It's tough to have the kids home sick, because as I mentioned before, I don't let them watch TV or play on the computer when they are home from school. And if they are just sick enough to stay home from school but not quite sick enough to want to lay in bed sleeping, then it's a pretty boring day. It's not a time for fun, it's a time for quiet healing. Today Ben saw a little project I've been working on (sorry, can't reveal it here 'til it's closer to Christmas) and asked if he could have a needle and thread and some felt. I obliged and he spent the morning quietly making little felt friends, which he then spent the afternoon playing with. Which, as far as I'm concerned, is a much better way to spend any day than to watch TV or play on the computer. Don't you think?

Day 16 NaNoWriMo Stats:

27,472 words down
22,528 words to go
14 days remaining

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