Monday, October 5, 2009

Say cheese!

You know that one super annoying family member at every gathering that forces everyone to gather 'round and take a photo to document the occasion? The one where everyone says Oh no, here comes crazy Aunt Sally with the camera again... Yeah, well, in my family, that person is me. With Michael's sister Heather and her family here in town for the week, we had to have a big dinner at the in laws which included four of the five Chase siblings (the youngest sibling Heidi and her family live in Virginia so they couldn't exactly make it). There was grumbling of course (you know who you are, Uncle Mitch!), but someday, someone will thank me. Even if it's just me, thanking me.

Oh! We did the same exact thing four years ago with the same family members right after we moved here from Hong Kong. I know this, because I forced them all to take a photo back then, too! And here's the proof:

Sure, they grumbled. Especially because the nephews had already changed into their jammies out of the nice clothes they were wearing when we all went out to Buca di Beppo. But I'm sure someone is bound to be grateful this photo exists! Right? Okay, I am!


  1. I hate gathering people for a picture (but don't mind if someone else asks me.) But I love having the pictures. The ones I took of my Dad and brother (and all) the other day were taken right when we arrived because I knew that when the sun went down, the pictures wouldn't turn out.

    Did you notice that Mike likes large striped shirts and you like red jackets?

  2. How funny! In the photo from yesterday my sweater is a rusty burnt orange color, and the photo from 2005 I'm wearing a burgundy corderoy jacket. And Mike... well, his clothes all kinda look the same! He likes the rugby shirt look!

  3. Thank you Heather for insisting we take pictures. I love them, especially to see how everyone has changed, etc. We all appreciate your good prodding.


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