Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bye Bye Blondie

School picture day is coming, so it was time to take the boys for a hair cut. The last hair cut they had was at the beginning of summer vacation. We spent so much time outside the boys ended up with lots of summery blond highlights. Every year their hair gets darker and darker. Michael stayed very blond until he was in his 20's. I had very pale blond hair until I started coloring it all sorts of colors in college. It wasn't until I was pregnant with Nathan and told I couldn't color my hair that I was shocked to find my natural color had darkened to deep ash blond. I'm quite surprised to find that my boys, who were both towheads, have already turned so dark! Don't they look thrilled to be getting their hair cut?

Both boys, getting their hair cut at the same time. Nathan in the rear, Ben in the front. Nathan always says semi-flirty things to the hairdresser. He'll say things like, "So... you cut hair, huh? Must be a lot of fun. You meet a lot of people here?" When I cut his hair, he just scowls and asks if I'm done yet.

Here's the "after" look, with most of the blond cut off. I told them they didn't have to smile for the photo...

The boys have a lot of matching tee shirts, and I used to dress them in matching clothes a lot when they were younger. Now I don't have to, because they get up and decide together what shirts they will wear! They crack me up, and secretly thrill me! I know if I'd had little girls, they'd be wearing matching dresses all the time. So it's neat that my little boys like to match. For now anyway!

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  1. The boy's expressions crack me up. And I totally love matching clothes. If I had the $, my girls would match and my boys would match. Often! :o)


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