Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Oh my. We've gone and jumped into complete foreign territory for this Mom. Nathan and Ben have joined the Boy Scouts of America.
They are both Cub Scouts. Ben is a Tiger Cub and Nathan is a Bear Cub. Somehow they both look so much more... wholesome, don't you think?
Tonight we collected their hats and books (in the photo), and tomorrow I'll pick up the rest of their uniforms. They are so excited! Especially because of the hike planned for this weekend. 2010 marks the 100th anniversary of Boy Scouts of America, so it's a great year for them to join.
My Dad was in Scouts, and my cousin Josh recently earned the rank of Eagle Scout. My Mom's brother was a Scout as well. Michael was in Scouting for many years, as was Michael's father. Mike's Dad seems to think that his father was also a Scout, but there is no way to know for certain. Michael's maternal Grandfather, who is turning 100 in a few months, was also a Scout, and a huge Scout advocate who looked forward to the day he'd have sons of his own. And then he had six daughters! Many of Michael's uncles and cousins were also a big part of the programs. It's very much on both sides of our families. With a heritage like that, it was only a matter of time before my boys joined up. We just needed to wait until they were both old enough to join so Ben didn't sit at home crying in his pillow thinking about all the fun big brother was having without him...
I think this is a great thing for the boys, especially at this age when they'll get to do so many activities with Daddy. I'm still just trying to figure everything out... it's a complete foreign language to me! There are words like neckerchief, Akela, and Webelos that I've never even heard of. But I'm trying, honestly. It's slightly uncomfortable for me to be a part of such a big organization, with ranks and patches and uniforms... I'm just not a joiner, you know? But I see the value in this, especially because they'll be learning things I could never teach them! It's all good! But of course, the best thing is taking a look at the giant smiles in the photo above. For that, I'd do anything!


  1. You will love Cub Scouts. I became an asst Webelos Den leader and John is the den leader for Neil's tiger den. I love scouting. Wait till those boys get their blues.......nothing like a kid in uniform!

  2. Once you get the uniforms, they have a really cool thing called Badge Magic. Much better than hand sewing patches on or hot glue.

    Kind of a bummer that both boys joined at the same time. When Tanner was a webelo I bought him the brown scout shirt so I could hand me down the blue one. I hot glued the patches on Braxton's shirt so it was ruined by the time he was done with it. (Sorry I can't pass it on to you).


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