Summer Strawberries

Every Tuesday morning since school started I've been walking over to our local Farmer's Market with a girlfriend and her young daughter. We stroll through the produce stands, sampling the delicious fruit and taking in the sights and scents of the flower booths. This week I bought six baskets of strawberries, thinking I could make some shortcake and use them in other recipes.

I washed them, hulled them, and put them in a large container in the refrigerator, where they lasted only until the boys got home from school and went scrounging for after-school snacks. Poor little berries, they didn't stand a chance against my two growing boys who love strawberries at least as much as candy and almost as much as I. I think I managed to grab one or two before the feeding frenzy was over and the container was empty.

Who needs shortcake and whipped cream when just the simple sweetness of a whole strawberry will do? And how long are they in season anyway? I'm doubtful we'll find them now that the fall pumpkin parade is on display...


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