Thursday, August 13, 2009

What not to say in a bank

The boys have noticed that all the Washington Mutual Banks around here have been converted to Chase Bank now that JP Morgan/Chase bought up the chain. Based on past experience with them, we really, really despise Chase. We lost hundreds of dollars, a couple days of work, and a small chunk of sanity dealing with an error they made on the company credit card while we lived in Hong Kong. We vowed never to deal with them again, and were horrified when WaMu got bought out by our namesake nemesis! Nooo! The boys, however, think it's the most amazing thing ever to have a bank named after them! They're celebrities! They're filthy rich! If only, right?
We're exploring new banking options but in the meantime still have to go in each week to do our personal and business banking. And without fail, the teller always says to me, "huh, your last name is Chase. Do you own this bank?" Believe me, it's getting very, very old.
Today when I went in, there was a hyper, overeager teller who was asking me question after question about our business, how long we've lived here, how many kids we have, etc. It was just non-stop. And then, of course, she pulled out the question of my last name and asked if we own the bank. And I, already a bit frustrated with the pepper spray of questions, blurted out, "yeah, so you should just give me all your money."
That not only shut her up, it made all the blood drain from her face and her mouth fall wide open! I had to quickly backtrack and say that it came it wrong, I didn't mean it like that, it wasn't my intention to say those words in that order in that building or anywhere near it, and that I was sorry and uh, can I just have my receipt and take my kids and get out of there... Which I did. Quickly. Yikes.
Way to go, Mrs. Chase.

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