Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Water, water everywhere

I've always really hated those cheap water pistols that are impossible to keep from cracking and loosing pressure. And the newer, high powered water blasters are tons of fun, but require lots of help from grown ups to keep refilling them. So what to do when the weather is warm and the kids wanna get wet?
We head to Costco, or Target, or the Dollar Store to pick up a pack of spray bottles, fill them with water and instant hours of fun. You can adjust the nozzle and have a long stream of water or more of a fine mist. And the best part is when the water runs out, the kids can easily refill the bottles themselves, no help from Mom required! Summer fun for everyone!

***I will mention that in our house. all our cleaning products are kept in their original packaging - we don't put them in other spray bottles. So if you try this at home and do use this type of bottle to store chemicals or cleaning products, please save yourself lots of heartache and label the bottles and keep the chemicals locked up.***

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