Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sushi Boy

Nathan loves sushi and sashimi like some kids love candy. It's not something we normally have around here, but his classmates bring it in their lunches and they're happy to trade for his PB&J's. Once he actually got to make some when a parent brought in the ingredients for the kids to make crab rolls. Due to the high number of Asians in our hometown, we've got some of the best Asian markets in the U.S. Even our national chain grocery stores sell fresh sushi, and one of them employs a lady who makes it fresh as you order it. Every time we go in, Nathan sighs longingly in the direction of the refrigerated sushi case. This week Ben was at my parents and we had only Nathan to lavish our time and attention on. So when we went to the market and he asked, I said okay, and we came home with some crab rolls. Which he consumed at an astonishing rate.
His favorite thing is what he calls the "Spicy Guacamole" (wasabi). He eats it alone, dipping a finger into it and licking it off. I'm not surprised he can tolerate the spiciest of spicy foods... as a ten month old baby he ate salsa with a spoon, lapping it up like other babies ate their bland applesauce. I don't even want to think about what his spicy diet may bring in the future. All I know is that Nathan is hands-down the healthiest member of the Chase family, only going to the doctor for his annual check up, and has perfect attendance at school. His diet reflects his personality as well... we always say that Nathan is the spice of life, keeping things from getting bland!

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