Monday, August 10, 2009


Showing up late (very late) to the family reunion meant we missed seeing relatives that I've never met. Although everyone insists that I have, it would have been when I was a child and I have no memory of it. Instead, we got to hang with the family we know best, my Dad's oldest sister, her two daughters and their families. And of course, my brother and his wife. But for Nathan, there were two people he was especially excited to see.
The first would be my cousin Josh, (who stayed with us in Hong Kong) and got a welcome that included a running start and a flying leap...
And the other would be Josh's Mom, my cousin Kelly. Kelly is that cool cousin who always pulls out a neat, new toy for the boys when they come over and instead of sending them off to play, she goes and plays with them. And, she's always got something cool in her pocket... like a bag of water balloons...
They started nice and friendly, doing a simple toss back and forth...
But it quickly grew down and dirty with both of them totally soaked. Never mind that everyone else was sitting around freezing as the marine fog covered the park... these two got soaked!

And had a blast! Thanks Kelly! You're the best!

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