Sunday, August 9, 2009

Little Brother

Before there was Nathan, before there was Ben, there was my first baby. My baby brother, Marty.
Aren't we sweet? I was born on Christmas Eve, and my brother was born exactly twelve months and one week later, on New Year's Day. Our last name is Rose, and growing up, my brother thought the Rose Parade and the Rose Bowl were done in his honor, especially for his January 1st birthday! I don't get to see my little brother very often. In fact, the last time I saw him was six year ago right after the birth of our youngest, Benjamin. Until today, anyway. There was a big family reunion today, which we missed most of due to a previous obligation. But we snuck in right at the end and got to hang with my closest (and coolest) cousins, and the best part, my baby brother.
Yeah, I gotta say that we aren't nearly as cute as we were back in 1975! But it was great to see him and just listen to him talk after a six year absence!
Benjamin went home with my Mom and Dad for the week, so it was just Nathan with us at the reunion who got to visit with Uncle Marty. Here is the first time Nathan met Uncle Marty, after we moved back to the US from Japan:
I can't tell who has the crazier look in their eyes!
Here is Uncle Marty and Nathan today:
My cousins, to whom my Dad is "Uncle Marty," got a great kick out of the fact that my brother is also "Uncle Marty" to my kids! There are a lot of Martins in our family tree, and Benjamin got to keep the name going for another generation as Benjamin Martin Chase.

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