Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Go Ben

I love that my boys love yogurt. I normally buy them the most wholesome kind I can find, made with organic milk, without food coloring and with real fruit. They would eat it all day if I let them, which I don't.

At some point they've both experienced a sugary concoction called Go-Gurt, which bears little resemblance to the stuff I normally let them consume. It comes in a tube a lot like a very long ketchup packet. You rip off the top and suck it out. And every time I take the kids shopping with me, they beg me for it. With much whining and crying and pleading. I always say NO. I know, I'm mean that way.

Yesterday Michael took Nathan to see a movie and I took Ben with me to the market. As we passed the yogurt, Ben paused. He then quietly got my attention and without the slightest hint of a whine said to me, "Mom, whenever we ask if we can have Go-Gurt, you always say no. I would really like it if you said yes this time."

I must admit, I gave in, and now we have a case of Go-Gurt in our fridge for the very first time. I explained that this was a one time deal, not a regular thing. It's more like candy than yogurt, with all the sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and major food coloring. But that's okay, this one time. And I hope that Ben learned that speaking calmly and being reasonable bears more fruit than the whining and crying. Well, maybe not fruit so much as fructose, but you get my drift.

And now back to our regularly scheduled Summer Vacation, of which there are only five weeks remaining...

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  1. good reward, hopefully a lesson learned.?. we start school on monday. i'm ready. jake turnes 11 on saturday, can you believe it?


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