Friday, August 21, 2009

The Artist at work

This week we switched kids and sent Nathan up to my parents and kept Ben all to ourselves. And what does Ben like to do with his time? Paint!

As I'm going through tossing stuff out, I found some washable paints and paintbrushes and handed them to Ben. The first day he made giant flowers. Today he's working on a smaller painting of a teddy bear. He's so deliberate with painstaking attention to detail. I love his descriptive words for colors ("that is purple Mom, I was hoping for more of a silvery-violet shade...") and his ideas of what an artist should be like. Please note he's not wearing a shirt in the photo above... he said it stifled his creativity! This totally baffles me... we are a creative family and talk about creativity all the time, but we do it with our shirts on! Oh well. It's fun to see him develop his own unique ideas! He said I can't post a photo of the painting in progress, only when it's complete. With Ben, that could be a day or two...

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