Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Nathan's Park Day

Each school year every grade gets to play hooky from class and spend the day at the park adjoining the school. This is always my very least favorite day of the year (barely organized chaos), but it is always the kids' favorite! The parents organize games and races and some fun with water balloons and then feed the kids what they love most: Pizza!

Here is Nathan's class. This was the "nice" picture. You don't want to see the "crazy" one! Just trust me on that one...

Action shot! What kid doesn't love to hop through a field in a sack?

A boy in his natural habitat, talking with another of his species... I love to watch Nathan from afar as he goes about his day. He's no longer my "little boy," each day he becomes more and more his own person, totally separate from me. It's amazing to stand back and take note as it happens. And it happens so fast!

In case it's been a long time since college and you've forgotten what twenty pizzas look like, I bring you this reminder. Better grab an antacid now...

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