Monday, June 8, 2009

Father's Day Paintings

I previously posted photos of the portraits that the boys painted of me, Nathan two years ago in Kindergarten and Ben this year. Thankfully Ben also painted a portrait of Michael and now we have a matched set from both boys to hang across from one another in the hallway. I wonder if Ben chose the blue shirt and the red background because he has walked past Nathan's portrait with the blue shirt and the red background every day for two years? He sure does love to do what ever his big brother does!
Here is Nathan's portrait from Kindergarten (sorry about the reflection, it's behind glass in a frame):
Here is Benjamin's, who was very careful to capture Michael's curly hair:

I find it shocking that they chose black for Michael's hair. It's really a very dark ashy color, and even though it is dark, I always think of Mike as the blond he was as a baby and as when we first met! It's crazy what aging does... or in my case, what a little box of hair color can do!

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