Saturday, June 6, 2009

Extreme Makeover, Ben Edition



Sigh. It's coming up on summer. Michael likes the boys to have shorter hair (he is, after all, the one who does most of the shampooing around here). I love, love, love it when the boys have longer hair. Especially Nathan. Which is a complete surprise as I always thought I'd be dressing the boys in polos and knickers with Army cuts. Instead they wear holey denim, band tees, and have long locks, which I think suits them just fine. Go figure. Anyway, Ben was the sacrificial lamb and he got the short 'do this time around. I spent about 20 minutes cutting Nathan's hair as well, just to make it look a little less shaggy. In the end, he couldn't tell that I'd done anything at all, which is fine with me (and him, he likes it long, too).

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