Saturday, June 13, 2009

Day at The Museum

We took the boys to see Ben Stiller's Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian. We all really enjoyed it, mainly because we got to spend ninety minutes laughing our heads off. Museums aren't generally known for their humor, but this movie makes dinosaur bones quite entertaining!
Shortly after, Nathan's class went on a field trip to the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. I didn't volunteer to chaperone because all of Nathan's field trips have had more than enough parents to help, plus it fell on my normal day to volunteer in Ben's classroom. Oh the juggling act required when you have more than one child in school! But a few days before the field trip, Nathan's teacher emailed to ask if I'd be up for joining them as she'd only had one volunteer sign up! I read the email to Michael and pondered aloud which choice I should make, and he said he would love to take the day off work and chaperone so that I could still work with Ben's class. It's true, my husband is awesome!
Mr. Chase, Second Grade Chaperone Extraordinaire!
I remember all these life-sized dioramas from my own childhood field trips. I was in awe of their muted beauty, which still shows so many decades later. It looks like Michael took photos of paintings instead of these huge three-dimensional exhibits!

What are they up to, those boys? Trouble, I'm sure!
At the end of the day, one of my Mommy-friends from a different 2nd grade class who also went on the trip rang me up and told me that she was so impressed to see a dad there with the kids. And she just had to mention how she overheard Nathan telling Michael that he was the best dad ever. I would have to agree!

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