Thursday, June 11, 2009

Benjamin's Park Day

Even though there are six grades at the elementary school, somehow the 2nd grade Park Day and the Kindergarten Park Day ended up right next to each other. So, I pretty much spent the entire week with children, trying to remain peppy and perky despite feeling completely exhausted. Here is Ben's class, with the substitute teacher who will finish the school year out with his class. Ben's original teacher needed to have surgery and won't be coming back before school gets out. She's young and full of energy (but what you don't see is the Starbucks drink she's hiding behind her back)!
How low can you go? It was hilarious trying to teach five and six year olds how to play limbo. They ended up making their own game up as we went along!

Kindergartners and Froot Loops go together like sugar and sweet. Toss in a string and you've got a necklace that doubles as a sticky snack! Yum! (Yuck!)

Donuts on a string that you have to eat without using your hands? Not a challenge for this kid who has gone to greater lengths for a sweet snack!

Whew! So glad these two days are over! So glad I've got a full year to rest up before the next Park Day!

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