Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Nate the Great

On Monday Nathan was honored at the all-school assembly with a special award for "Outstanding Artist and Creativity". He was bursting with pride when I picked him up from school, pulling out his certificate and prize (dinner at the Lazy Dog Cafe). I was so proud of him!

All year I've watched as other kids were recognized for things like "Outstanding Citizenship," "Perfect Attendance," and "Top Math Scores," and I'm confident that one day we'll see Benjamin up there getting one of those. But I've always felt a little twinge inside when I thought of our first born being left out of that circle, as Nathan is an intelligent kid, but not a stellar student in the traditional sense. He was once the recipient of a hand-me-down tee that said "I tried to be good but I got bored"... it was the perfect description of Nathan (when he grew out of it I gave it away as it doesn't suit Benjamin's personality at all). He's a quick study with an amazing grasp of how things work, and more interested in putting his knowledge to work rather than to sit and be lectured or tested on it. And once his interest has moved on, it's really difficult to get him back in review mode.

I once emptied Nathan's backpack of math tests that were filled with amazing sketches and thought I wish there was an award for "Best Doodles on the Back of Math Tests" award. So for him to be recognized in front of the entire school for what is obviously his biggest strength is no small thing. During those long months of pregnancy Michael and I would dream about the future for this long awaited child, and our hopes and dreams for him always revolved around living a creative life. How blessed we are to see those hopes and dreams flourishing in this way! Way to go, Nathan!

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  1. I'm so proud of Nathan! He definitely has an artistic/creative spirit. This is definitely a great sign - I hope he never loses his love of doodling and drawing! Nate IS great!


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