Saturday, May 30, 2009

Might as well laugh

Although melancholy by nature, I do love to laugh. More than anything. I love to be around people who make me laugh. I love to point out the obscure things that pop up in our daily lives that are worthy of a good giggle. I love to make my kids laugh. A recording of Ben laughing is the ring tone on my cell phone. And I love that my boys regularly do things that make me laugh, every single day.

As we work on getting my new computer hard drive up and running, there are all these little quirky things that keep happening. And my dear husband has given up quite a lot of sleep to get these quirks straightened out. I'm flexible and trying to roll with it so I can get my work done and just jot down the weird things that pop up to be dealt with later.

The most noticeable thing is how my email seems to have taken on a mind of its own. I have four work email addresses, three personal ones, and one junk mail address. In a single day I get around 50 to 60 emails in total, which I think is somewhat manageable. But during the downtime while the computer was at the doctor, I accumulated 175 emails. Once I had access to them, I deleted most and dealt with the rest. But here is where the quirky part comes in: every time I log back into Outlook (my email program) these same 175 emails come zooming right back into their various in boxes! All fresh and happy to greet me with their bright bold Unread status. Sometimes I go through and delete them, and sometimes I just let them sit and wait for their duplicates to come on in and get deleted all at once.

Several times a day I hear that lovely little ding that indicates I have email... and look to find those same emails, coming round again! Mike did some voo-doo magic and fixed the problem so that it stopped... for about 24 hours. And today, mid-day, it started back up again. I wanted to be frustrated, but I couldn't help letting out a little laugh... Why hello there all my old friends! You are back again! What's this? There is a sale on at Old Navy? And my friend Doyle has been released from the hospital? Well this is all very great news! Except the excitement is sort of wearing off after the thirty-seven other times you brought me this same news, today alone! And although you are kindly reminding me to pay that water bill, the joke is on you! I already paid it! Ha-ha! Ho-ho!

Through a conversation using the wonders of instant messaging, I let Mike know that the flood gates had opened and once again those same 175 emails were back on the march through the ether and into my in boxes. I lamented the fact that none of them (None! Not even one!) were emails of the personal sort... the kind that say "Hey there Heather! How are you? Gosh I was just thinking of you and wanted to say howdy because that's the kind of great friend I am!" I thought that if there was an email like that, it would make the other 174 emails easier to wade through and delete, yet again.

A few minutes later, Outlook buzzed to life and in came the parade of emails again, followed by that happy little ding. But wait! What is this? An email from my husband! Sent to every single one of my addresses! Saying the exact same thing! "Hey there Heather! How are you? Gosh I was just thinking of you and wanted to say howdy because that's the kind of great husband I am!" I was delighted and started laughing, because it was sweet and I needed to let out some of that building tension from the constant deleting and searching for the one email I need amongst the hundreds I don't.

And then Michael's email came in a few more times! And brought with 175 of its closest friends like Old Navy, Doyle, and Mr. Water Bill! Oh the joy! The irony! The sick and twisted random firing of emails through the atmosphere bringing me to my knees desperately calling out for mercy! I started laughing. And then I laughed louder. I laughed so loud and so hard that tears started streaming down my face. This drew Benjamin to my side, who sweetly asked why I was crying. No Ben! Not crying! I'm laughing! Because if I don't laugh, I will cry for real!

Ben walked away, hands on his hips, shaking his head at his silly mom who clearly doesn't know anything about anything. And now that I've wiped away the tears, I will have to walk away, too, and leave this mystery to Mike!

***When I was a kid, I loved this scene from Mary Poppins... I thought that surely if I laughed hard enough, I too would be able to soar up and take tea on the ceiling!

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