Monday, April 13, 2009

Resolutions Revisited

The first quarter has passed and I thought we'd come back and see how we're doing with our resolutions for 2009.

1. See at least one live show each month. More is better.
This year we've seen:

  • Pippin at the Mark Taper Forum produced by Deaf West Theatre Company (which is one of our very favorite theatre companies).
  • RENT at the Pantages Theatre with three of the original cast members (it was our fourth time seeing it and we've decided it was our last. Enough is enough!).
  • Frost/Nixon at the Ahmanson Theater (with Stacy Keach the night before he was hospitalized).
We've got plans to see a play, a musical, and some old fashioned all-American Melodrama within the next month as well, so we are doing great with this resolution!

2. Eat at home more often.
Yep, we are totally doing this. We eat out on Sunday afternoons and maybe one other time during the week when there's a late guitar practice or chess class or something else that keeps us away from the house for most of the day. The unfortunate side effect of this new eating-at-home plan is that I have gained at least ten pounds since December. This is shocking and horrible and completely unexpected! Everyone said the side benefit of eating at home is weight loss. Obviously I'm doing something wrong. I guess when we go out to eat, Mike and I generally share a meal. At home, we load up our own plates. Also, I spent about six years as a vegetarian and still don't like to cook meat or poultry, so the food I cook tends to be carb heavy. I guess it's time to scale back and get Mike to do more grilling on the BBQ (which he loves)!

3. Get rid of at least one black plastic trash bag or one giant box of accumulated and unwanted “stuff” every single week.
Oh yeah, we are doing great on this one. But I still feel like there is no real progress being made. You would think that with all our moves we would have gotten rid of so much more! But I think we've been trapped into hanging onto things just in case we need them for the "next place". We must change our way of thinking on that!

4. Design and create new creative opportunities for the boys/family/myself each month (writing, painting, sewing, etc.).
This is simply a silly resolution for us. It's like resolving to breathe more. It's more of a value than a resolution, as each and every day we do something creative and crafty. We can't help it.

5. Make significant progress towards eliminating our financial obligations.
This is more important than ever. The only thing certain right now is how uncertain it is to have a steady income! We are making giant strides at getting rid of all debt and lowering what we pay for everything else. In fact, I asked Michael to call up our phone/Internet/cable provider and see if we could get a better deal. He did- he talked them into lowering our monthly bill by $25 AND throwing in a FREE DVR. We've got about 80-90 new channels too. But no additional time to waste watching them! I would encourage you to do the same thing... businesses want to keep their customers so they are willing to be more competitive than ever. Give it a try!

1. Learn to fly
Funny, but my million-airline-mile holding husband hasn't flown once this year. Nor has he learned to fly himself, though he has spent a lot of time flapping his arms.
2. Learn to teleport
Nope, no progress in this area.
3. Learn to stop time
No progress here, either, but having the DVR helps him be able to catch Heroes more often!

1. Eat more pizza.
He used his own money to buy lunch on Pizza Day at school.
2. Get better at math.
Nathan is already better at math than I am. Since when do 2nd graders do fractions and equations? I thought I learned my times tables in the 5th grade, but Nat is learning division this week. I have to find someone else to help him with his math homework!
3. Get better at playing the electric guitar.
He's earned four "belts" so far in his guitar class. Even he is amazed at how far he's come. I'm proud of him, but I'm really excited about how proud he is of himself.

1. I know everything already.
No change here! Ben informs us each day how much more he knows than we do.

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  1. Wow. Sounds like Nathan's school is very advanced in Math. We have to go to private or a charter school to advance like that (which we have done). Yeah for Hickory Elementary! Camryn is starting to learn some times tables in first grade - right now just a little bit of times 10. She is mostly working on subtraction.

    I can't believe eating at home has caused you to gain weight. You were really careful eating out it looks like. I gain weight when I eat out more or when I don't eat enough during the day and then hunger and stress kicks in big time after school is out and I eat crap to fill up.

    Great job on your resolutions - and even better job and checking your progress! And, I am jealous of how super creative you are. Creativity is not my strong suit. I guess that is why I am better at taxes than you ;).


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