Sunday, April 5, 2009

Library Cards!

Today we took the boys to get library cards. It all started because we needed a copy of a book about George Lucas for Nathan to do his 2nd grade 'Someone Famous" report. I had searched for the book online, and since it's out of print, the least expensive copy was $26, not including shipping. For a juvenile biography that was originally $5.99. Uh, no way.
The library had four copies, so off we went. We decided that we would all get library cards, which would help in my never ending appetite for reading (which can be an expensive habit). However, when I turned in my application, we got a rude shock when I was told that I already possessed a library card there, and that I had outstanding fines due. To the tune of $113.84. For three books I had checked out back in 1994. I lived in this general area after I graduated from high school while I was going to college.
The books are two costume reference books, thick and gorgeous and filled with historical costumes (one of which I designed my wedding gown after) and a copy of Moliere's Tartuffe. Considering that 1994 was 16 moves ago, I have no idea where the books are, and if I'm even still in possession of them. So the only option was to pay the fines. But even there I was stopped... the library only takes cash or checks. Who still carries a checkbook (or writes checks for that matter)? Or that amount of cash? Not me! So Nathan, Benjamin, and Michael are now the proud owners of shiny new library cards. I will be if I can find a checkbook and get back to the library with it!

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  1. I am surprised they keep track of a debt that is 15 years old!! That is crazy. Out here the librarys don't have late fees. As a result, I am always late turning in my books.


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