Saturday, April 4, 2009

Kinder Egg Hunt

It was a mad dash as Benjamin's kindergarten class got to search for treat-filled eggs on the playground today after lunch. Each child had to look for the eggs that had their own name on them and leave the others alone. Which is a brilliant way to make sure that everyone gets the same number of eggs. Benjamin climbed all over the playground equipment, just to make sure there weren't any hiding way up high...
We spent the morning making these bunny rabbit bags to hold the eggs. When Ben got home, he made a bunch more out of our brown lunch sacks. What a cute (and uber-easy) craft!
One of the moms brought Popsicles for the kids to enjoy after the hunt, but Benjamin declined and went and lounged on this bench while everyone else had sticky fruit juice running down their arms. Smart cookie!
I found those sunglasses while cleaning out our spare bedroom, and Benjamin has taken to wearing them whenever he steps outside. I think he's very aware that he is the only Chase who doesn't wear some sort of prescription glasses, and this way he fits in. It makes me laugh though, because trying to get Nathan to wear his glasses is a bit like giving a cat a bath, but Ben would give anything to have his own! It'll happen soon enough...

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