Spring BBQ

I love spring, but only because it gets us that much closer to summer! To celebrate the first weekend of the new season, we had ourselves a little bar-b-que for the extended family. I made a lemon-garlic marinade for the chicken and let it soak in the yummy goodness overnight. Sunday dawned wet and windy. But that has never stopped my grill loving husband before! I made some rice with fresh broccoli, my famous romaine salad with apple, sunflower seeds, Gorgonzola, and vinaigrette dressing, and then we ended the fun with a made-from-scratch apple cake, fresh from the oven topped with vanilla ice cream. What a fabulous way to chase away the cold, dark winter!


:o) Rachel said…
Do you wear pearls when you are in the kitchen?
Hee-hee! No, just my tiara!

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