Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Riot of color, anyway.
One of the more depressing things about always renting would have to be the random restrictions placed on what you can and cannot do to the place you rent. What we love about our current home is that we've been able to paint the walls ("any color other than black," said the landlady) and get reimbursed for the price of the paint and supplies. Having lived with odious Rental White walls for 15 years, it's a very nice, very appreciated change of scenery.
The weird restriction about this place would be the yards. After living in a 27-story high rise building in Hong Kong, we knew that our next home needed some outdoor space. Here we have a big backyard, a big front yard, and even a couple of generously sized side yards. But the only thing we are allowed to do to them is water them! I'm all for gardens that look a bit wild rather than perfectly manicured. But what we get here (as seen in the photo above) is a springtime cacophony of color, with random items competing for space, smack in the middle of a sea of ugly white landscaping rocks. Right in the front of the house for all to see.
Possibly making things worse would be our lovely neighbor who is a gardening genius, with a greener thumb than the pros at Armstrong Garden Center. Her yard right now is a magazine worthy showplace. Come this time of year, I always feel like hiding.
The boys are getting past the playing-in-the-yard stage, moving into the riding-bikes-around-the-block stage. So maybe our next home ought to be a townhouse with some patios that call out for container gardening. Our years of experience living in apartments and townhouses have honed my skills for that segment of the home gardening world.
All I know is that in 45 days we'll have lived in this house for THREE years. An unheard of record for our nomadic souls. Maybe I'm getting a little itchy to move.
But then again, maybe I'm just confusing it with the itchiness from all the extra pollen in the spring air...

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