Monday, March 16, 2009

Raising a Reader

Right now the elementary school is doing a reading drive. They are trying to get all the students at the school to read a grand total of 5,000 books, school-wide. Nathan is certainly doing his part! I'm not sure that they have set up the guidelines very well. For this they've said a "book" is either a single picture book or 25 pages of a chapter book. Nathan reads a lot. He's always got a book (or two) in hand. He reads picture books, like Mo Willems' Knuffle Bunny over and over to his brother. With just a sentence or two per page, at 20 pages it doesn't really compare to 25 pages of Transformers, the junior novel, which has no pictures at all. Oh well. I can see that Nathan is taking this quite seriously. He finished a 217 page book during the week, and just today he started and completed a 134 page book. I remember when he was learning to read he would complain heartily. He loved us to read to him, but refused to read to himself, despite his obvious ability to do so. "This is lame! Why are you making me do this?", he would tell me. I calmly and consistently replied (over and over) that whatever else we may or may not be, we are a family who reads. There is no getting out of it. We may not be big on science or sports or cooking or camping, but we are big on reading. It clearly paid off, as just a few moments ago Nathan tossed me the book he just completed, telling a very impressed Ben, "Yep, we're just a reading kind of family, I guess".

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  1. that's so cool, heather, i hope we will be blessed with a family of readers. took me a couple of years, but i've managed to get tim into books (he just finished THE GRAPES OF WRATH). now, onto zoe.... :)


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