Thursday, March 12, 2009

Paparazzi Parents

Nathan's class of second graders went on a walking field trip to the local farmer's market to reinforce a unit on products and where they come from. There were enough parents who volunteered to go that it was about a 2:1 kid/parent ratio. Which was fine with me. Our job was to help them buy items at the market ($5 limit) and make sure they knew how much change they were supposed to get, etc.
All the kids sat down near the market so the market manager could tell them a little about where the produce comes from (100% California). I was off to the side, laughing at the parents, who were snapping photos of the kids like it was a wedding, birthday party, or graduation or other once-in-a-lifetime event.
One especially zealous parent was running ahead as we walked, crouching down, and then rapidly snapping photos with a telephoto lens as we walked toward him. It was creeping me out and I found myself covering my face like the local celebs do when the paparazzi flash bulbs are popping around here.

Now this is the kind of photo worth taking! Or at least Nathan thought so. Yuck!

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