Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Chris!

Christopher is celebrating his birthday today!

Chris came into our lives several years ago. One thing about us, we are frequently the family who says things like, "if you ever need anything, call me. We have a spare room." And then we make sure we mean it by actually opening our home to quite a colorful cast of people throughout the years. Chris was in need of more than just a room, however. He really needed a family. We move frequently, all over the world. The one thing we are really good at is creating our own "family" units in far-flung places around the globe. So it really wasn't hard to absorb Chris into ours. The hardest thing was letting him go, off to join the U.S. Navy where he's currently studying nuclear engineering in South Carolina and figuring out how to be a good husband to his new bride, Alyssa. We miss him so much, especially my boys who were in the fortunate position to gain an older brother for a bit. Happy Birthday Chris! We love you!

Chris came home on leave for Christmas. This is his brother Tommy, his wife Alyssa, and Benjamin and Nathan.

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