Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pity Party of Four

Mondays are never easy for us. Today may have been Tuesday, but with Monday a school holiday, today bore the brunt of the normal Monday hassles. And then some! Everyone was a little off.
Ben started crying when I picked him up from school, great gobs of tears for no specific reason. Nathan missed two words on his spelling test that we worked on for hours last week until he could write them backwards, forwards, and with his eyes closed without error (technology & machine), and therefore forfeited the monetary reward I'd offered for a 100% score. Michael was delayed and didn't make it home in time for Nathan's guitar lesson, causing chaos in me trying to get to school to exchange Nat's backpack for his guitar case. I ended my three days of laying in bed sick to go for a simple trip to the book store, which left me feeling like I'd competed in an Ironman-qualifying triathlon, completely wiped out. Trying to get the boys to do homework and address 40 Valentines for their classmates brought more tears from both boys, and the realization that dinner hour was upon us and nothing was prepared brought tears to my eyes!
So we grabbed a buy-one-get-free coupon for a local eatery and headed out the door. It was a huge mistake. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches would have been better! It took over thirty minutes for our food to arrive and then it was overdone. Forget refills on beverages, they never came. We were very polite to the waitress who was trying to stay calm when she explained they had a new cook and that we were really nice for not yelling at her. After a total time investment of nearly two hours, the manager took care of the bill and gave us pie, which we took to go. If we were hoping that this was going to bring us relief from the typical Monday Madness (on Tuesday), we were out of luck.
Our 2009 resolution to eat at home more often is quite a bit easier than I'd expected. Between the boys and their over-the-top love of my cooking, Mike's willingness to happily do ALL of the dishes (yes ladies, I married Mr. Wonderful), and our miserable recent experiences when we actually do go out... it sorta makes sense to never eat out again! Okay, so it's not really realistic, but it does help with our other resolution of getting rid of our financial obligations. And the added time spent reading with the boys instead of waiting for the check is a nice bonus too. Don't we seem like the picture-perfect all-American family?

Oh my. Someone please help me.

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