Transforming Paper

Nathan spends hours creating elaborate paper creations. He started out making flat robots and Transformers, but recently figured out how to make them three dimensional. My printer is always empty of paper (evidently his personal supply), our house is strewn with little paper clippings, and we go through a roll of tape every couple of days. But I have to say there are few things in life as fascinating as watching him try to figure out how to make something work all on his own.

This robot that transforms into a car has axles and wheels that spin. The ink on his hands is a permanent fixture these days. As soon as I get it all scrubbed off, he dives into a new project with little regard for keeping the ink on the paper. I'm totally okay with that. I did hide the Sharpies, though!


claynheidi said…
That is totally amazing! He actually made it transform into the car. He is a brilliant boy!!
:o) Rachel said…
I was going to say exactly what Heidi said: Amazing. He is nothing short of genius! I can't imagine the incredible things God has planned for him.
Cassi said…
wow.. that is incredible (had to use a different word - although amazing was the first one I thought of)...

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