Sunday, January 18, 2009

Simply Splendid Saturday

We pay a pretty high rent so we can live in a place where we can wear shorts and sandals and spend the day at the beach in January with 80 degree weather, while the rest of the country is taking a beating from a brutal ice storm. Southern California rocks!

Nathan didn't get to complete his Saturday to do list because we all jumped into the car for a drive around the Palos Verdes Peninsula to enjoy the sand, surf, and sunshine. It brought back memories of a day fifteen years ago when I had asked Michael to accompany me on a little jaunt to purchase a refrigerator for my tiny apartment. He was the lighting designer on a show I was stage managing, and despite turning down his advances time and time again, he proved to be quite persistent! The day did not end with me having a new fridge, but you gotta hand it to Mike, he knew how to impress this girl by taking me on a drive around the Peninsula, up high on the sea cliffs with a view of Catalina and down to the shore with a direct view of Malibu. I was smitten, both with the natural beauty of our stretch of coastline and with Michael. Is it any wonder that we were engaged a mere two months later?

Wayfarer's Chapel, designed by Lloyd Wright, son of Frank Lloyd Wright sits perched on the hill overlooking the ocean. Made of glass and surrounded by trees, flowers, and the ocean, there are few other places so filled with peace! Well, at least until our boys got there and enjoyed running along the grassy terrace behind the chapel...

The roads that wrap around the Palos Verdes Peninsula are constantly moving as the hills are pushed up or the cliffs crumble. It feels like a very bumpy roller coaster ride and the boys enjoyed hanging their heads out the window to catch the ocean air rushing by and throwing their arms in the air as we descended each giant dip in the road.

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