Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hot Date

Michael and I try to go out on regular date nights to enjoy the close proximity of Grandma and Grandpa who generally arrive just as we're putting the kids to bed. Since one of our 2009 resolutions is to see at least one live show a month (more is better), we were thrilled to see that the Center Theater Group is offering $20 tickets to all their shows this season. Considering that is about the same cost as a movie ticket, popcorn, and a soda, its a great deal!

Last night Mike and I intended to go to bed early after this long week of graveyard shifts, early mornings, and major corporate tax preparation. But the luxury of a full evening with my husband was too great to waste simply sleeping. So we called Grandma and then called the Mark Taper Forum and got some awesome last minute tickets to see Pippin, which is co-produced with Deaf West Theatre. The entire production is presented creatively with both deaf and hearing cast members with sign language throughout. We saw their production of Big River in 2005 and we were blown away by the seamless blend of singing and signing. Pippin was excellent, and if you live in or near Los Angeles, I would highly recommend you go see it before it leaves on March 15th.

Last night Nathan saw me with my hair down and makeup on and asked if I was going on a date with Dad. Michael piped in and said, Of course! Who wouldn't want to take this beautiful woman out on a date!

Today we were at Costco and Nathan said that he, too, would like to go on a date with me. I said sure and asked where he would take me. He said Not McDonald's, since I know you don't like it, and then said he'd think about it. Later in the car, I told Mike that Nathan wanted to take me on a date. Michael looked back at Nathan, who said, Sorry Dad, but look at her... she's just so pretty.

I love that kid!


  1. awww... how sweet... hope you had a great date night!!

  2. Aren't little boys awesome! Mikey told me recently that I was a princess and said I was pretty because I was wearing a dress. I really need to buy more dresses! Hope you had fun on your date!


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