Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

The Chase Family Resolutions for 2009

1. See at least one live show each month. More is better.
2. Eat at home more often.
3. Get rid of at least one black plastic trash bag or one giant box of accumulated and unwanted “stuff” every single week.
4. Design and create new creative opportunities for the boys/family/myself each month (writing, painting, sewing, etc.).
5. Make significant progress towards eliminating our financial obligations.

1. Learn to fly
2. Learn to teleport
3. Learn to stop time

1. Eat more pizza.
2. Get better at math.
3. Get better at playing the electric guitar.

1. I know everything already.

Notice how we chose things that are actually attainable in an effort to be successful!

Happy New Year!

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