Friday, January 16, 2009

Call me Betty

Nathan earned the privilege of inviting a friend over to play after school today. Of course, the play date coincided with Michael sleeping all day after working a graveyard shift last night and preparing to do it again tonight. How does one keep three boys occupied and semi-quiet for an hour after school?

Sometimes I amaze even myself. First, we picked lemons off our lemon tree. Then I cut them up and let the boys take turns juicing the lemons with a wooden juicer, running the juice through a strainer to catch the pulp, counting seeds as we went. We added water, ice, and sugar and viola! Lemonade! I served up plates of Mike's homemade cookies and let them dig in. I pulled out all the colored paper and let them create, and then they ran around in the back yard (oops, right under sleeping Dad's window) to let out some steam.

Here's the part that will really knock your socks off... While entertaining Nathan's friend and whipping up the lemonade, I also managed to cook a whole chicken, cut green beans, and bake some potatoes Au gratin, all timed to be ready right as Michael woke up.

Good grief. I don't know how long I can keep this up! I'm going to have to rent a Harley, sky dive, or swim with sharks to balance out all this domesticity!


  1. OK, Betty!
    "Sometimes I amaze even myself." You are hilarious! I am impressed - what a fun mom you are!

  2. Okay, I'm jealous. Entertaining three boys, making dinner, allowing your husband to sleep in almost're like supermom!

  3. Quite the Suzie Homemaker you are. You are officially supermom! We all bow down to your superiority. "We're not worthy, we're not worthy" (Wayne's World) :).

  4. so, does this power come from the supermom cape or did you need to do all of this BEFORE you were given your supermom uniform....?

  5. Oh ladies, I'm not supermom, just playing the role of Betty Crocker for the day! The thrill wears off pretty quickly...


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