Thursday, December 25, 2008

My Birthday!

Since my birthday falls on Christmas Eve, I never had a real birthday party growing up. The kind of party where actual friends beyond my immediate family show up. However, as my little brother's birthday falls on New Year's Day, my parents did an outstanding job of making sure that despite the lack of available people to celebrate with us, our birthdays were always very special. Without a doubt, my favorite day in the entire year is my birthday! The whole world is decorated, everyone is in a wonderful mood, and there is no lack of wonderful goodies to munch on! A few years back Michael threw me a little surprise birthday breakfast party at the one and only King's Hawaiian Bakery and Restaurant, right here in our current neighborhood. It was amazing how many people showed up! I felt so beloved! This year we've been in a bit of a funk, with so much about our immediate future up in the air. Mike suggested we have a somewhat smaller gathering over at King's Hawaiian this year and I decided that would be perfect. Despite thinking it would only be my in laws, husband, and my boys, there were fifteen people who came round to celebrate with a delicious breakfast followed by the best part about birthdays: CAKE! Later in the day, my Mom and Dad drove down here with my sister in law, Pauline and we had another smaller celebration here at the house, with more CAKE! We put the boys to bed and now we're off to finish the night with our annual viewing of my very favorite movie of all time, So I Married an Axe Murderer, while we dine on (what else) more CAKE! I love my Birthday! And now that it's here, I can focus on the next big thing that happens tomorrow... Christmas!
My annual pair of birthday slippers from my friend Amy. This year's pair was especially in need of a hair cut!
Mmmm! CAKE!
My very most favorite group of troublemakers! Besides my boys, of course!
Left to right: Yvonne, myself, Amy, and Cassi.
The birthday girl and Benjamin.

Nathan's version of a party hat.

I guess they don't feed those Navy boys nearly enough!
Part of the Birthday Breakfast Bunch before everyone else left!

The lucky Pineapple at King's Hawaiian.

Benjamin and Nathan with my Mom and Dad.

Our family with Auntie Pauline, my little brother's wife.

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