Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Gift Card Mania!

This year the boys are old enough to really relish the joys of receiving gift cards as gifts! Today they got to spend a $15 card apiece at Target. The cards themselves were incredibly cool: a lenticular Frosty and a scratch n' sniff peppermint zebra. Nathan added to his Tech Deck collection and got a step and ledge plus two boards, and Benjamin got a trick Hot Wheels ramp set which came with a ring of faux fire.

They've enjoyed playing with their new toys for several hours and are now playing "store", having built a cash register out of paper that accepts gift cards.

Personally, I love gift cards to restaurants! It seems like gifts cards to stores end up getting used for things we need rather than a nice treat. But a restaurant gift card is always at the top of my Christmas wish list! We plan to spread out the use of the gift cards that the boys received instead of just letting them have a free-for-all. It's the gift that keeps on giving!

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