Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Coke Police

I'll be perfectly honest. I'm a Coke addict. While all the adults (and teens) around me are drinking coffee, I'm taking my caffeine cold and carbonated. With my breakfast. It's bad, I know. When my boys are trying to be especially loving to me, they will sweetly ask if I would like a Coke. Our refrigerator came with a special wire shelf made to hold cans, and Michael is always kind enough to keep it stocked for me. Last week Ben noticed that there was only one Coke left in the fridge, so he took it upon himself to stock it up for me, lugging in a case of Coke from the service porch into the kitchen. And then today he brought me a Coke and told me that it was the very last one. I thanked him and he walked into the kitchen and saw a Coke can on the counter. Picking it up, he noticed it was still half full. He marched back over to me and with hand on hip, asked why I had opened a new can if I still had half a can left from earlier. What a lecture to get from a five year old! Hopefully I've learned my lesson!

Benjamin at his 1st birthday party.

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  1. I so get your Coke (dare I say it) addiction. That's me and Dr. Pepper. I don't get why people are so surprised when they see me drinking Dr. Pepper in the morning when they're holding a cup of coffee in their hand?


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