Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Past

It's December 4th and not only do I not have all my Christmas cards addressed and stamped, we haven't even snapped the photo for it! Normally by June I have have the entire thing planned out and just have to wait until it's closer to November to take a photo (since the kids grow so fast...). This year I had the most absolutely fabulous card planned... here it is: a hand-water colored (by me) map of Macau with a photo of our family and a pile of luggage, passports in hand superimposed on the map. It would be both a Christmas card and a change of address update since we were going to be hopping a on plane just prior to Christmas. Lovely, absolutely lovely! But a small little wrench got thrown into the whole mix (namely the Las Vegas Sands stock prices plummeting towards bankruptcy numbers) and not only did the move get delayed... it got completely mothballed. So that means no lovely Macau-themed Christmas card for our friends and family. It also meant a small bit of bitterness on my part as I tried to come up with a new card. How can I when something so wonderful and exciting that we were so looking forward to isn't going to happen? And what would we write in our Christmas letter? This year was a year of looking forward to December... and then all our dreams and hopes were crushed and battered on the floor and swept into the gutter? Okay, dramatic a bit. I know. But it's hard not to feel that way when disappointment is still so strong. I hate not to do a card at all, but getting us all together to snap a pic while it's still daylight is tough right now. And then the cost of printing and stamps... it's daunting right now when we are looking to save as much money as we can during these turbulent and uncertain times. An E-Card may be the way to go, but I treasure the cards we get and I'm sure that is how at least one other person must feel when they get ours, right? Mom and Dad? Anyway, while I mull these things over, I thought I would treat you to some of our Christmas cards from years past. Enjoy!

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