Thursday, November 6, 2008

What's wrong with this picture?

Can you guess? Want me to tell you?
This is the annual Halloween Parade at the Boys' school. What you see in the photo is only 25% of the parents who showed up. To the left, right, and behind me were equal number of parents. There are 856 students at the school. There were at least two people there for each student. Next to me was a mother, stepfather, father, stepmother and four grandparents and one aunt for a single student. It was MADNESS! The paparazzi waiting for Hanna Montana to get her daily Starbucks are nothing compared to this group of photogs! And for what? To see (maybe, if they were there by 6:00 a.m. to get a good spot) their child parade around the quad in a costume. Yikes! We don't typically "do" Halloween. Normally we just keep the kiddos home from school. It isn't really a school day anyway, between the two hour parade, the class party, the pumpkin carving stations and the crafts, not a minute of school work gets done. This year a series of events transpired that made us rethink keeping them home, so off they went. I volunteer in the classroom on Fridays normally, so I stayed to help with the merriment. It was so bizarre, I can't explain it. Ben wore a typical "Ben" costume, camouflage from head to toe. Nathan drew on an old tee the night before to make a Ben 10 shirt and brought his Omnitrix watch. For the artsy and creative family we are, it was as tame as you can get. But many parents went crazy with the elaborate homemade costumes.
Why is such a huge deal made for this "holiday"? I guess it's just how I was raised, it wasn't a huge part of my childhood. My early years were the start of the poisoned candy and the blades in the apples, and for several years there just wasn't trick or treating in our city in the Valley. Jr. High and up we lived in a rural community where the nearest neighbor was two miles away. It just wasn't done. I took Nathan trick or treating one time, and it was only to two houses on our way to a big festival when he was 23 months old. He doesn't remember, which is fine with me. What in the world does any child need with all that candy anyway?
Just like "where's waldo" only it's "where's Nathan"... he's hard to miss... the blond right in the middle who stands a full head above his classmates.
Is he just incredibly tall or are his classmates exceptionally short? Must be the camera angle.

In Ben's class, after the parade, before the party. He has enough green camoflague clothing that he's worn a similar outfit every day this week, too. I guess it's better than the cape that Nathan used to wear at that age...

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  1. Wow! It wasn't that crazy when I went to school there. But I miss the parade! No one does that out here. In fact last year they weren't allowed to do anything. This year, since it was a Friday, they had Wacky Hair day but you couldn't use any colors in the hair. So I sent Emma to school with curlers in her hair.


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