Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Voting Day!

My fellow Americans... go cast your vote today!

A little conversation at the Chase Household this morning:

Mom: Boys, do you know what today is?

Boys: No.

Mom: Today is election day. That means Mommy and Daddy get to help decide who the next President of the United States will be.

Ben: So now you'll be President?
Mom: No, we get to help decide who will be President for the next four years. When you turn 18, you'll get to vote too.

Nathan: Why not 16?
Ben: Or 19?

Mom: Um, yeah. You have to be 18. So Nathan, you'll get to vote in the, uh, 2020 Presidential election, but Ben, you'll have to wait for... um, 2024.

Ben: So now we'll live in the President's house for four years?

Mom: No, no, there are two people who are running to be president. We have to vote for one of those two people. Not us. It won't be us.

Ben: Every day is a school day!

(Ben skips happily away, Nathan says he's going to draw something, Mom tries not to pull hair out, takes boys to school, and then lines up to vote for the next President of The United States).

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