Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Nate the Great is Eight!

Today my baby turns eight years old! I believe that Nathan's personality was evident from the moment he was conceived. I had miserable morning sickness for all nine months, loosing 25 pounds throughout my pregnancy and having weekly "dates" with the E.R. nurse who would hook me up to an I.V. to get me hydrated. From the moment I first felt him move, he never stopped moving, leaving me awake at night with his rhythmic pounding on my ribcage or bladder. We had an appointment to be induced on November 16, 2000, a week after he was due. After forty hours of completely unproductive but extremely painful back labor that included vomiting and a string of swearing with every contraction, they decided to take him via C-section. Twenty minutes later, our firstborn son made his debut. To this day, Nathan is still a bundle of energy who is never fully still even in deep sleep, and he is always at one extreme or the other, never simply "average". He constantly makes his presence known, is never content to just be a spectator. He can be draining and tiring, but he is also the spice of our life which keeps things from getting dull or predictable. We love him passionately and are so happy and blessed to have him in our family!

Happy birthday Nathan!

1st Birthday, 2001

2nd Birthday, 2002

3rd Birthday, 2003

4th Birthday, 2004

5th Birthday, 2005

6th Birthday, 2006

7th Birthday, 2007

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