Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mr. Blue Sky

I have the song by ELO running through my head ever since I walked outside to see a beautiful sight:

No, not the moon, the lovely lack of orange in the sky! The kids are on a modified recess schedule, the school district has a strict scale of what is acceptable air quality for the kiddies to be out on the playground running about, and even this blue sky isn't cutting it. I feel for the poor teachers who will have kids who spent an entire weekend cooped up only to go back to school and have to stay indoors there, too!

We lost power last night around 11:30 PM which prompted the lighting of candles, which then prompted a small fear of our house catching fire... I burn candles nearly all the time, it has an amazing calming effect on the boys (and me) but suddenly I had fear that one would somehow ignite something, leaving us to flee into the night. We blew them out before retiring to bed, but I couldn't fall asleep despite feeling under the weather and completely sleep deprived. While Mike happily snored away, I played a little game in my head, imagining I had 30 minute to grab everything of importance before having to evacuate. Then only 20 minutes, or 5 minutes. It was a very morbid game, which made it very hard to fall asleep. It made me feel compassion anew for our son Nathan, who tends to have bizzare and irational fears and lets his imagination run to the worst possible scenarios, further feeding those fears. Not helping was the fact that earlier in the day we had stocked the fridge with a lot of perishables and my fear of all those groceries spoiling with no electricity to keep them chilled plus the potential loss of the money they represent gave me a small sense of panic. Around 1:30 AM the power came back on, our bedroom air purifier kicked on with it's comforting white noise and I finally fell into oblivion. I think today calls for a little nap for Mommy, and a lot of prayer for the people who woke up today and have to figure out how to put their lives back together.

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