Thursday, November 13, 2008


Nathan's second grade class is learning about owls. Last week they had a visit from a local bird sanctuary which brought along several types of owls for the kids to look at and interact with. Nathan, who is normally quite reticent to share with us the ins and outs of his day, could not stop talking about the different kinds of birds and the sounds they made and what they eat. He dissected an owl pellet later in the week, and brought home a bag filled with tiny bones of owl lunches gone by, including a skull and lots of teeth. Today he made an owl felt toy that he sewed himself by hand. He couldn't wait to pull it out of his bag and thrust it in my hands when I picked him up from school today.
What a hoot!

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  1. how cute... it looks like the owl that was in the tree on Miser Rogers...


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