Sunday, November 9, 2008

Grandma with the big truck

When pregnant with our first child, we asked both sets of grandparents what they would like to be called. Both sets said "Grandma and Grandpa". So we left it up to the kids to decide how to differentiate between the two. My mom is "Grandma with the big truck" because she drives an enormous four door diesel pick up truck, which my boys love to climb on. My dad is "Grandpa with the motorcycle" because he rides a Harley. Enough said. Michael's mom is "Grandma with the car" (since they only have one that drives a car). Michael's dad is "Goodness Gracious Grandpa". This came about because when we go to their house, grandpa grabs one of them, swings them back and forth proclaiming, "Goodness gracious, you've gotten so big!" As long as it all makes sense to them!

Here are some photos of Grandma with the big truck's property, which features heavily in chickens, tractors, and snakes. No wonder the boys love it there so much!

Here's a little glimpse of the side of the amazing big truck.


  1. I want to live at Grandma's with the big truck!

  2. This explains a lot about you, Heather. ;)


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